Tell the world your sustainability story!

So you’re passionate about running your business properly?

For you, the bottom line is about more than simply money in and money out,
it’s about giving back to the people around you and leaving the world a little better than it was when you found it.

And you’re looking to get the word out there about all your great work?

Well look no further. I share your passion, and I can help you tell the world your story, grow your following,
and become known as an authority in your field.


Being the Word Chameleon and all, I’m very adaptable, so whatever you need writing just let me know and I can draw up a plan,
but for now, here are some of the main services I offer.

- Blog Writing (I can inject some style and substance into your existing blog or build you a new, fiery, fabulous one from scratch.)
Website Content (Need content for your website that converts customers instead of scaring them away? Look no further.)
- Copywriting (With a groovy, quirky, attention-grabbing twist!)
- Ghostwriting (Want your own name on it? Fine by me!)
- Social Media (I can grow your following and make you an educator of the masses!)

But like I said, I’m the Word Chameleon, so if you have anything else in mind, by all means, fire me a message and let’s discuss!

Unique expertise

I’m not just a pretty green face you know? I’ve got plenty of colours built in!
Here’s why my writing will help you stand out from the crowd.

Marketing Background
I have a masters degree in marketing from Dublin City University and have studied specifically in sustainability marketing, so I understand sustainability theory and how to write about it. I have also worked in marketing roles for companies such as Irdeto.B.V, Gracenote, and Jobbio so I am very comfortable with tailoring my writing to whatever voice you require. On top of this, I am well versed in Search Engine Optimisation, so get ready for plenty of site traffic!

First-hand experience
I am truly passionate about sustainability from top to bottom. I love learning about it, I love writing about it, and I love living it. I have spent time volunteering on a number of sustainably run farms and agricultural operations in Portugal as part of the ‘Wwoofing’ community, and I intend to continue doing so in the future to gain as much insight as possible into genuine sustainable living. I believe this knowledge to be very important moving forward for everyone so I want to learn and share as much as I can! You can be sure that this passion and insight will shine through in my writing.

Published Poet
I am also a published poet, with poems published in literary publications such as A New Ulster magazine and Automatic Pilot. Combined with my marketing background and first-hand experience in sustainability, this ensures that my writing has a unique, quirky, creative edge.

As well as writing beautiful, edgy, engaging copy, I also like things to look good. I pay a lot of attention to the layout, images, headings, colour scheme, everything. I can design my writing to suit your graphical vision, carve out a vision for you, or even design your entire blog from start to finish if that’s what you need. But whatever you’re looking for, I’ll make sure that it looks good. (I designed this website, this blog, this blog, and the logos as well.)


Quality is very important to me, and I work very hard to ensure that my clients get what they need.
We’ve got to spread the message right? Sustainability is the way forward!
The only way to do that is with high-quality communication. So I can guarantee the following.

• All work delivered on time.
• Correct spelling and grammar.
• Interesting, informative content.
• Tidy, aesthetically pleasing layout.
• Thoroughly researched copy.
• Search-engine friendly.
• Social media friendly.
• All work formatted according to your needs.

Easy to work with

I’m a people person really. I’m easy-going, easy to talk to, and very flexible when it comes to timelines.
I’m here to make your life easier, and will operate in whichever way makes that possible.

So whether you need a copywriter, a blog writer,
or someone to write your entire website or build you a blog from scratch,
let’s talk, and I can draw up a plan to get your sustainability story out there.

Let's Talk
I’m Adam, a planet-loving marketing professional turned freelance writer with a passion for green, and not just the colour.

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