I use my academic knowledge and professional experience to help businesses share their sustainability stories with the world.

I can help you
• Craft a compelling story that effectively highlights your sustainability goals and initiatives.
• Increase your website’s online visibility.
• Boost interaction with current and potential customers.
• Grow your social media following.
• Become known as an authority on sustainability and green business.

Show Off Your Colours

Running your business sustainably is one of the biggest competitive advantages you can have these days. Consumers are waking up, and beginning to care more and more about the impact businesses have on the world around them. If your business is doing things right, people are more likely to choose you, but they have to know about it!

That’s where I come in.

I can help you communicate your vision of sustainability with thoroughly researched, expertly written, and beautifully presented content that attracts, engages, converts, and educates!

Whether you’re a small business with a fervour for doing things right and saving the planet, or an entrepreneur with the next big green idea, my unique style of content will boost your online visibility and make sure your target audience knows all about your passion for sustainability. And you know what that means? More customers for you, better customers for the planet!

I’m Adam, a planet-loving marketing professional turned freelance writer with an affinity for the colour green.

Hire me, and let’s get your sustainable vision out there!

Why Me?

I'm the Word Chameleon, and I have many colours.

With a masters degree in marketing, experience working in sustainable agriculture, a background in graphics, and a passion for sustainability and green living that cuts to the bone, I know how to create unique, effective, well-informed content that entertains, educates, and converts. My passion shines through in my writing and after studying sustainability marketing at a post-graduate level, I know what I'm talking about.

You won't find the same blend of knowledge, passion, and creative edge anywhere else.

Expert Knowledge • Personal Experience • Research • Attention to detail • Graphics • SEO

Expert Knowledge - I have a masters degree in marketing from Dublin City University where I studied sustainability marketing in detail, so I know the technical side of things and I know the ‘jargon’.

Personal Experience - I have extensive experience volunteering with sustainable farms and businesses in Portugal as a member of the ‘Wwoofing’ community, and can use this insight to add authenticity to my content. Your passion is my passion, and I will make sure that it shines through in all my writing.

Research - It’s very important to me that everything I write is ‘the real deal’. I am passionate about spreading the word of sustainability so I will always ensure that I research everything meticulously so that all the facts are correct. No fake news here!

Attention to detail - I’m a self-confessed perfectionist as well so you can be confident that spelling, grammar, layout, and everything else will be right on the button. Deadlines will always be hit.

Graphics - I know my way around Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity, Wordpress, and plenty of other graphics programs so when it comes to layouts for blog posts, choosing and placing the right photos, general aesthetics, or even setting up your whole blog for you, I’ve got you covered. (Yes, I did design this website, my blog, this blog, and the logos as well.)

SEO - All posts will be Search-Engine-Optimised to ensure maximum traffic and exposure.

What do I offer? 

Copywriting, blog writing, ghostwriting, social media posts, everything! I can even set up your entire blog if you want. I’m the Word Chameleon. I love to write, and I’m very adaptable, so if you’re running a green business but you’re having trouble communicating it, or you’ve got a vision of sustainability for the future but you can’t quite put it into words, then look no further. Let’s talk.

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I’m Adam, a planet-loving marketing professional turned freelance writer with a passion for green, and not just the colour.

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